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HERBERALL® – The Game-Changing Alternative to Adderall

  • By Byron Booker
  • •  Jun 20, 2019

As of 2021, there are about 2.5 million people across the United States that are using prescription drugs like Adderall. Though Adderall has become a common solution to boost mental clarity and combat ADHD symptoms, the impeccable health taxes it comes with are certainly something no one should overlook – making the conversation from Adderall to Herberall an essential, life-enhancing transition. 

Safe Alternative to Adderall?

In the world of medicine, utilizing Adderall to improve focus and mental clarity for those with ADHD can be a game-changer. According to UNC, Adderall has been one of the most commonly prescribed drugs to treat ADHD, alongside Ritalin, Concerta, and Vyvanse. In fact, by the year 2013, 3.5 million children were on Adderall stimulants to bolster their academic performance, and today about 3.1% of children between grades 8 to 12 are still using Adderall to help with mental clarity. But the thing to note here is that Adderall is not used just to treat ADHD individuals; it is also heavily consumed by college-aged students to keep up with course intensities and adults to advance career productivity.

Sounds fine, right? Not exactly…

All in all, this psycho stimulant drug is well renowned for enhancing concentration and focus by stimulating the central nervous system for people of all ages. So, why stop taking Adderall after knowing this? Because Adderall is directly linked to some of the world’s scariest side effects that can target anyone, even kids, who use this drug long-term. Some of those said side effects include (but are not limited to):

  • psychological and physical dependence (addiction)
  • physical damage to the brain, organs, and internal systems
  • alters our ability to experience pleasure without the chemical support
  • withdrawal symptoms and drug-like cravings
  • affects neurotransmitter balances in the brain
  • increase risk for aggression, depression, anxiety, and mania
  • paranoid delusions, hallucinations, and other behavioral disturbances
  • trouble sleeping and concentrating
  • skin problems and vision loss
  • boosts your risk of heart attack
  • risk for life-threatening overdose
  • heart palpitations

Depending on your age, weight, metabolism, and body chemistry, you can get addicted to Adderall in just a few weeks or as little as a few days.

Source: California Behavioral Health

The worst part is that the more often Adderall is taken, the more ingrained these mind and body transformations become. So, yes, on the surface Adderall may seem ideal and safe to use. However, this seemingly beneficial drug has been vetted to influence a whole lot more detrimental harm on your mind and body than good - a harsh reality that I became devoted to combating by creating the revolutionizing Adderall herbal replacement, Herberall.

The Herberall Story – The Holistic Adderall Herbal Replacement

Being a music recording, media, and interactive marketing professional, I am no stranger to the long hours and time it takes to succeed within this competitive market. I understand that in order to thrive, my team and I have to go above and beyond what others do to not only meet, but exceed expectations so we can achieve sustainable engagement and growth. However, during the launch of LookHu, a full-service digital agency that focused on new media within Blockchain, it didn’t take long for me to notice that I was the only person in our team that was mentally drained and exhausted. As the CEO and Senior Executive, I finally asked them how they were able to work nonstop without suffering from brain fog.

The answer I got across the board? Adderall.

Overall, I have always prided myself as being a health-conscious person and knew right from the start that Adderall was a highly addictive and dangerous drug to get involved with. After discovering that my own team was utilizing it, I stringently began researching alternative mental clarity solutions for them to opt for so they can stop taking Adderall and harming their bodies. Because this was not just about enhancing their careers or building our branded image; it was a designated researching effort to keep them safe. With some diligence and persistence, I ultimately partnered with Nutriumph to get the message out on how toxic and addictive Adderall genuinely was. Furthermore, I have since designed a powerhouse Adderall herbal replacement that enables people to gain the mental clarity they desire without the risk of the health degrading effects Adderall instills, or worse - death.

“Given that statistics show that 43% of all 19 to 28-year-olds in the general population are drug abusers and most starting entertainers are in the same age bracket, we knew we had to do something…fast.”

Natural Ingredients you Can Trust Target

Herberall, the Adderall herbal replacement, is a spearheading and 100% natural supplement that was created with an underlying objective to improve life quality. This supplement is FDA approved, non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten-free, and contains only the richest ingredients and vitamins that are proven to elevate mood, mental clarity, focus, alertness, and deliver sustainable energy without any negative side effects like prescription drugs contain. Those said key ingredients include:

  • 1500mcg of Vitamin A
  • 10mcg for Vitamin D3
  • 2mg of Vitamin B6
  • 500mcg of Vitamin B12

In conjunction with an additional proprietary blend of natural compounds, each of these elements are all perfectly combined inside an easy to swallow vegan capsule for effective all-day cognitive and energizing support. The best part? There is no risk of addiction, and this supplement makes it exceptionally easy for you to stop taking Adderall for boosted school or work performance because you are replacing it with something much more effective, longer lasting, and all around healthier.

Even more, our entire brand model revolves around improving humanity as a whole, which is why we paired up with Vitamin Angels. For a quick debrief, Vitamin Angels is a renowned non-profit organization that aims to fight malnutrition from all corners of the world. To date, it has already served over 70M children and mothers through its charity work. Us partnering with this wonderful organization with a cause means that for every bottle of Herberall that is purchased, a child receives life saving vitamins to help cultivate and maintain their health now and in the future. So, not only are you capitalizing on your own health and wellbeing by choosing this Adderall herbal replacement, but you are inadvertently saving lives with each meaningful purchase along the way.

Summary – Adderall Results Without the Adderall Risks

As an experienced Music Executive, I get it. I get how the pressure to push ahead for new artists can result in taking Adderall to optimize mental clarity and remain sharp in this demanding field. However, I also know that subjecting yourself to the dangers and potentially life threatening risks of Adderall to meet those high career demands is not the answer. What is the answer is going down the Adderall herbal replacement route instead and finally putting your health first. After all, this is the most effective way to gain all of those same Adderall desired results without any health hindering effects that could send you down a path of chained addiction.

In summary, it is vital you stop taking Adderall and instead go with a supplement with natural ingredients that you can trust. Because though nature may be beautiful to admire, don't forget that some of the most influential health and wellness agents stem from it too, something that myself and the entire Herberall team has quickly discovered to help keep artists and students operating at their fullest potential in the safest and most holistic way possible. In the end, Herberall was designed on a foundation of authenticity, transparency, and trust, and the notion that everyone (artist or not) deserves to gain untapped mental clarity without having to sacrifice everything else about themselves to obtain it.  And when you are ready to make the transformational health shift, so are we.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Adderall addiction as we speak, recognize that you're never alone, and there are tons of local treatment services and facilities that can help you succeed on your detoxing journey.

-Byron Booker

Co-Founder of Nutriumph

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